Gloss Vinyl Wraps

Why gloss car wrap

A gloss vehicle wrap is a standard type of vinyl that is easiest to apply. It is suitable for DIY lovers who have zero experience in wrapping and professional wrap film installers. And it is easy to maintain. Without any stress, you can create a unique new look for your car.

Multiple choices

TeckWrap gloss vinyl provides you with a wide range of selections under this category. You can choose from a regular high-gloss wrap film (with paper or plastic liner), aluminum vinyl, and metallic car wrap, to a glitter and diamond finish.


Each series of products is made of high-quality raw material so that you can apply it easily and flexibly. Our strict quality control also guarantees that every vehicle wrap is durable and safe to remove.

Stylish design

Despite all car wraps being produced under the same high standard and showing glossy looks, products in every TeckWrap gloss vinyl series reveal different styles that draw attention on the road.

With the glisten (which can be oil-slick or sparky, depending on the product you use), you will find your vehicle become a head-turning and better-than-paint finish. Take your pick now, and start a stylish journey.


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